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Thread: DE: Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky

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    DE: Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky

    Dude is a beast. Was booted from Ohio State (I'm sure The Common Man has more input on this dude from that) but transferred to EaEKU where he tore it up. Insane pass rusher, and line up with hand on the ground or not. People that cover the Bills (Joe B, Sal etc.) all love this dude as well. He had a great senior bowl as well. His talent surpasses his issue with ecstacy. He gets tested multiple times of month for drugs and has been clean. That will be in the back of the mind of teams for sure though.

    STRENGTHS: Fluid, balanced athlete with smooth lateral quickness and change of direction ability to avoid blocks. Gets upfield quickly with his first step burst and closes fast, staying low to the ground with above average coordination. Wins the corner and controls his momentum extremely well with his natural leverage giving him an added advantage. Displays deadly dip to flatten to the quarterback.
    Spence is a versatile front-seven defender, lining up at left and right end, standing up or putting his hand on the ground. He appears comfortable on his feet and has dropped in space enough to show that he can do it.

    Engaged in several confrontations with linemen at the Senior Bowl, viewed as evidence of passion and competitiveness from scouts rather than as a red flag - perhaps, in part, because he played so well. Spence showed off his trademark burst and agility off the edge, repeatedly getting the best of the tackles on-hand and none had an answer for his edge quickness. He also showed impressive strength to hold up at the point of attack in the running game, anchoring well and slipping off blocks to harass running backs.

    WEAKNESSES: Spence's documented history with an addiction to Ecstacy led to his being banned by the Big Ten permanently and a stint in a drug rehabilitation program. He transferred to Eastern Kentucky and passes numerous drug tests, but that history will be a prime focus during pre-draft interviews and some teams will remove him from their boards entirely.

    Needs to improve his snap discipline and anticipation. Needs to show heavier hands to jolt blockers at the point of attack, struggling to consistently convert speed to power. He has a light anchor and can be moved by blockers and his lack of height hinders his backfield vision at times.

    Needs to improve his instincts and experience in coverage, especially with several teams with a 3-4 base defense scouting him as a stand-up linebacker. Needs to improve his functional strength, play with more of a mean streak and keep his nose clean.

    IN OUR VIEW: A true wild-card prospect, Spence has top 15 talent, there is no question about that. But the former Ohio State Buckeye has a history of drug abuse, although he has cleaned up his habits since being banned from the Big Ten.

    Spence is a slippery rusher with the lateral quicks and low pad level to be an impact pass rusher in the NFL. How Spence interviews and carries himself in the pre-draft process will be an important step in his job interview for NFL teams.

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    He's a freak show.

    He also used to loved taking ecstasy (who doesn't?). failed two tests for that. He's cleaned that up though, gets tested twice a week now. seems motivated pissing away a national championship
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